Born in Arizona, raised in Florida, Johnny Panic combines politics and boom bap in a way that is less about statistics, and more about the personal. With songs like The Guillotine Block discussing politics through the lens of having to work demeaning, low paying jobs, or lyrics like in Stringlights "a new level of irony/ got the FBI eyeing me/
and my search history is how to make stiryfry using tofu"

In 2017 he released "Holy," and went on the "Anarchy in the Southeast" Tour. In 2018 he released Voidspit, and went on a tour of the same name. He is currently working on a collaborative album with producer Dolo Neech, titled “Uhhh…”, a solo tape called “Rat God,” as well as several other secret projects.

dope sandwich 2.jpg

Johnny Panic @ The Handlebar, by Edward A. McGrath